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Final Phase

Post-Production is our core business. With more than 25 years of experience, we know everything about Post-Production for TV and internet. Because Aswin Vermeire, a well-known name in the Dutch editing world, was involved in the Post-Production of many TV shows, commercials, drama series, feature films, and corporate films at the highest level for years. And 2ShotMedia edits TV shows for producers such as Eyeworks, Talpa, Endemol, IdtV, and Format Family.

So, if you’re looking for a way to take your television program to the next level, 2ShotMedia is the key to success. Because with the right editing, you can keep the viewer’s attention and build tension for maximum impact. That means any mistakes in the recorded footage can be corrected by us. “Oh, they’ll fix it in post-production” is a commonly used phrase during recordings. In fact, at 2ShotMedia, that’s really applicable as we know how to fix it. Because Post-Production is the phase in which image and sound recordings are edited. And there is a lot to adjust, so that the ultimate combination of image and sound delivers a beautiful end result that will be seen on screen.

Post-Production is an essential part of the television production process, we know that. Moreover, the editors of 2ShotMedia can take your show to the next level and keep the audience engaged. And that doesn’t matter whether you’re developing a new show or want to improve an existing one. Because 2ShotMedia makes the difference between an ordinary broadcast and a broadcast that the audience will remember.




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For the editing process, we use Adobe Premiere Pro software in combination with After Effects, Photoshop, and others. Color corrections are done with DaVinci Resolve or Apple’s Color.

2ShotMedia has multiple editing sets and a central storage with over 200TB of storage capacity.

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