Commercial Adaptation

Commercial Adaptation

an international commercial adapted for the dutch market

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Dutch Market

Commercial adaptation is the process of modifying an existing commercial video for use in another country, language, or culture. Therefore it’s important that your commercial video has the desired impact on your target audience and conveys the right message.

Sometimes, a commercial for the same product or service already exists in another country. So an adaptation of this commercial would be a solution rather that shooting a new and expensive one. 2ShotMedia can adapt your foreign commercial for use in the Netherlands with a few simple modifications. An increasing number of our clients have international commercials that we “transform” through adaptation, localization, or adaptation of a commercial.

When adapting a commercial, various factors are taken into account, such as language, culture, social norms, and values. Therefore, the goal is to ensure that the video effectively communicates with the local audience and elicits the appropriate emotional response.




2ShotMedia can adapt your commercials in the desired language, making them suitable for broadcasting in different countries. That means also translating the audio and visual elements of the video, as well as re-recording the audio in the appropriate language and adjusting the visuals to better align with local culture and norms.

Adapting international commercials is an important aspect of your marketing strategy, as it allows you to effectively communicate with your target audiences around the world. By working with 2ShotMedia, which has over 14 years of experience in commercial adaptation, you can be sure that your commercials convey the right message that aligns with the culture and values of your audience.

Furthermore, it has the advantage of providing a tried and tested commercial with a professional and international look at a very competitive rate. Interested? Contact us!




WHAT ARE THE COSTS? Finally, you save money because you don’t have to produce a new infomercial. Starting at €1,350 ex VAT, you can have a 15-second commercial with a new voice-over, titles, packshot, audio mix, and mastering.

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Additional work will be budgeted in advance and only put into action after your approval. This may also include removing logos or adding logos to products in the commercial, dubbing of actors/actresses, and recording of Dutch products.

Next, you’ll need an MXF file to broadcast the commercial on a TV channel. This is called a broadcast copy. Now, we only make this special broadcast file when the commercial is completely finished and approved. These special broadcast files cost €65 ex VAT each. Of course we will provide all necessary information to the STER, RTL, SBS, Branddeli. In fact, we can also provide broadcast copies of the commercial to regional channels or foreign channels such as VTM and SBS Belgium.